GEKO CASE - 9 Powerful affirmations to empower and Inspire you!

GEKO CASE - 9 Powerful affirmations to empower and Inspire you!

Simple words and phrases have the power to interrupt negative thinking and kick start positive changes in your life. Meditating on specific mantras can improve your mental well-being and ensure you remain calm and focused on your goals. You can chant mantras out loud first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day, or even recite them in your head during situations in your day that you need help with. 

Read on for 9 powerful mantras that will help you face any challenges in your day!

1. “I am exactly where I should be right now.”

In life we are always looking forward and racing towards the next big event. Whilst this shows great qualities like ambition and determination, it can mean we start to put pressure on ourselves when things aren’t happening as quickly as we want. This frustration can actually mean you are closed to new opportunities the universe presents to you, which can actually slow down your progress. Using this mantra will ensure you are at peace with where you are in life, accepting of your goals and the journey required to achieve them, and fully open to different routes to your goals when they present themselves. 

2. “I am grateful for all that is unfolding in my life and all that is yet to come.”

Expressing gratitude for all aspects of your life, both the good events and difficult struggles, will really help bring your negative thinking into perspective. When we take time to assess our life and all the wonderful things in it, our problems seem to become smaller and less significant. 

3. I am successful and influential.

Whatever it is that you may be looking to achieve in your life, state it in the present tense as if it’s happening now. Notice when you say ‘I am successful’ out loud, it will make you feel good and confident! This will make you walk with purpose and hold your head high, and already you are a step closer to being the successful and influential person you want to be.

4. Forward is progress, just keep moving.

This motivating mantra can be used in almost any situation; from encouraging you to pursue your career ambitions, to pushing you to get through a tough workout! Don’t be too hard on yourself if the progress you are making seems small and insignificant, even the smallest step forward is still progress. And if you are forced to take a step back, there are still opportunities for growth and self-development in this. 

5. Today, and everyday, I am in control of how I feel.

Many of our biggest weaknesses in achieving utmost peace and harmony is fretting about the future and worrying about the past. Remind yourself that today, every day, you are in control of how you feel and can choose your state of being. This mantra is great when you are in an anxious mindset or feeling out of control. Taking a few deep breaths whilst reciting this mantra will instantly help you regroup and take positive actions. 

6. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough. 

Many of us start our day immediately criticizing ourselves and our appearance. If you want to set a positive and uplifting tone for the day, look in the mirror when you first wake up and repeat this mantra. This will make you feel comfortable in your own skin and remind you that you don’t need to be perfect, you are beautiful just the way you are.

7. I am attracting everything I want and desire.

Reciting this mantra will remind you that you are ready for the changes you want in your life to happen. Manifesting, or putting your goals and ambitions out into the universe, will make it more likely for these dreams to become reality. Getting the things you desire starts with being open, focused on your intentions, and knowing your self worth.

8. I am fulfilled and fearless. 

We all have times when we just generally feel low in mood and energy. Try this mantra when you need a pick me up and to boost your vibrations! When breathing in think ‘I am fulfilled,’ and when exhaling think ‘I am fearless.’ Even if you don’t have time for any other sort of meditation or ‘me’ time in the day, this mantra can help you come back to your truest self and make you feel like you can take on anything

9. I am useful and valuable to others.

Sometimes everyone feels like they are not good enough, no matter how much work we put in. Try this mantra in the evening if you feel like you haven’t done enough for the day. As busy people we can get ahead of ourselves with ideas, projects and to-dos, and we end up overwhelmed and under-productive. This mantra will help you focus on how you have improved other people’s lives, not just on the things you have done for yourself, and this will remind you of your worth and value.

You can choose one of these mantras to focus on, or even create your own! Simply sitting for 10 minutes with your eyes closed and being aware of your breathing can clear your mind and help you discover a mantra that is personal to you and your goals.

Try it out and let the Geko Case team know how you found using our 9 empowering and inspiring mantras. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook