GEKO CASE - Do these 5 things to turn your Hump Day into a Happy Day!

GEKO CASE - Do these 5 things to turn your Hump Day into a Happy Day!

  1. Meditate

Meditating for as little as 15 minutes per day has been proven to impact your body and mind in many positive ways. Not only does meditation help you be more present and live in the moment, but also gives you the chance to really visualise the goals and ambitions you have. Meditating on where you want to go in life and how you can make positive changes solidifies your intentions and makes it much more likely for you to take action! 

  1. Read

Reading is another activity that doesn’t take up much time but makes a massive difference to your mental functioning. But you don’t always have to read self-help or ‘success’ books in order to see the benefits. Getting into the habit of reading fictional and classical books will improve your vocabulary and communication skills too! Read for 30 minutes before bedtime to help you drift off quicker and have a deeper sleep. 

  1. Drink more water

There’s more reasons than just the health benefits that should get you drinking more water! Being properly hydrated has been shown to improve focus and attention to detail by over 80%. When you don’t drink enough water, your cells start to shrink which means they don’t transfer energy and information between each other as efficiently. That means you literally do think slower and less innovatively when you are dehydrated. So in order to get those creative juices flowing, make sure you’ve always got a glass of H2O at hand!

  1. Make conscious choices

Routine is great for ensuring you are productive and efficient with your time, but doing exactly the same thing every day can take a toll on your feeling of spontaneity and freedom. Switch up some of the choices that you make each day in order to feel fresh and engaged. For example, if you are a meat-eater, try and make conscious choices to reduce your consumption of animal products at least one meal a day. You will be challenged to try new ingredients and recipes, and also feel good about the ethical choice you have made. Remember, to stick your Geko Case on to the kitchen tiles or fridge to keep your phone safely away from your ingredients, but still keeping your recipe in sight!

  1. Check in with someone

Sometimes when you’re feeling low the last thing you want to do is speak to anyone. But hearing a familiar voice is a great way to remind yourself of what is important to you and who you are as a person. So many people stick to sending messages, but actually calling someone just to check in and see how their day is going is much more likely to have a positive impact on you. And you never know, they may have been having a low mood day too and your call could really make a difference to how they are feeling too! Win win all round!