The GEKO guide for beginners

We created geko case to enable creators, influencers, foodies, fitness fanatics and travelers to use their phone hands free. Its a simple solution to solve problems you didnt even know existed, until now...




We'll prove it. We stuck an iphone 11PRO to the outside of a moving train. See Here

NOTE: Geko case isn’t invincible. Due to the nature of the nano suction material, made from a special foam. It can pick up marks more commonly than your average hardback case. We reccomend a new case every 5 months.

Q: TOP 5 surfaces? 

A: Glass | Tiles | Metal | Laminated wood | Plastic

Q: What makes the case stick to surfaces? Is it sticky to the touch?

A: The GEKO Case uses nano-suction technology to securely adhere your phone to any flat, non-porous surface. When the case is pressed against a flat surface, millions of nano-sized suction cups create a large vacuum, generating a strong suction force that can hold a surprisingly high amount of weight. The nature of the technology allows easy removal without residue, and makes it reusable. The case is not in any way sticky to touch. It feels more foamy. 

Q: Will I get pocket fluff stuck to the case?

 Nope! We know how annoying this can be. We purposely designed the case so no fluff will get stuck to the back.

Q: What does it stick to?

A: Any smooth flat surface. Flat is the important word here. If there are any micro bumps or lumps on the surface, the suction vacuum wont work. The best x5 surfaces are: Glass, tiles, laminated wood, metal and plastic.

Q: What won't it stick to?

A: It wont attach to any textured/non-flat surfaces. We do not recommend you attaching the case to painted walls. Paint drys unevenly leaving small bumps in the surface. It's better to be safe than sorry. We don't want your phone to fall.

Q: How long does it stick for?

A: We have tested the case stuck for over 24 hours on Glass. We do however advise to reapply pressure every few minutes.

Q: Have you done any extreme tests?

 Yes, we attached a brand new iphone 11 to the outside of a moving train from one stop to the next. It Worked. Please see video here


Q: Is there a correct way to apply the case?

 Absolutely. This is a very important question. Even though GEKO CASE will attach to surfaces with little to no pressure, DO NOT BE FOOLED! It is important to apply pressure to the phone to activate the suction material. Without this, the suction vaccum will be weak and your phone could fall. Follow our tutorial here.

Q: How do I clean my case?

A: Simply rinse the case under the tap for 30 seconds. Avoid the use of chemical cleaners, scrubbers of any sort, and when drying, linty towels. The best way to dry your case is with a microfiber towel or allowing it to air dry.

Q: What are some ways I can use my case?

- Handsfree selfies
- Creating Content
- Following food recipes 
- Gym work-out tool
- Watching content