What can I use instead of a tripod for my phone?

Using Everyday Objects as Tripod Alternatives

When a tripod is not available, there are many everyday objects that can be used as tripod alternatives to stabilize a camera. Here are some of the most common objects that can be used:


  • Gekocase: The Gekocase is a popular phone case that allows individuals to take hands-free photos and videos without the need for a tripod. This innovative phone case can be attached to any flat surface, making it an ideal replacement for a tripod. With the Gekocase, individuals can capture stunning photos and videos without the hassle of carrying around a bulky tripod. 

  • Table: A table is a good basic alternative to a tripod. Though not as flexible as a real tripod, it does an excellent job of holding your camera steady in a single position. Tables give you a good base for a tripod, and they are designed to give users the same structural stability that a traditional tripod offers.

  • Wall and Trees: If you shake a lot when you take photos, the best way to reduce this is by resting yourself against a surface. When you take pictures in urban settings, the wall of a building is your best choice. If you're not in a city, try leaning against a tree instead. Both walls and trees can help you stabilize your camera and reduce camera shake.

  • Stack of Books: A stack of books can be used to create a makeshift tripod. Simply stack the books on top of each other and place your camera on top. This is a great option if you need to adjust the height of your camera quickly.

  • Box: A box can be used in a similar way to a stack of books. Simply place your camera on top of the box and balance accordingly.

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