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Lessson one

How to remove the skin without bending it.

Wait 3-5 days

We know your desperate to show off your skinz. BUT you must use your gekocase without any protective film for3-5 days before applying any skinz. Why? You will struggle to take it off and ruin the skin.

lesson one

Begin to peel from middle right side

Begin to peel the skin off from the middle of the case and remove from right to left. Slowly pull the skin away from the back of the case.

lesson one

Slow not fast

Do not rush else you will end up bending the skin. Take your time lifting the skin up from the middle section of the phone. It will get easier and easier the more you remove the skin.

Lesson two

How to attach gekocase to surfaces

Remove the film

Peel off the protective film layer from the back of the case. This seems obvious, but you'd be suprised.

Lesson two - how to use a gekocase


To attach, press the phone firmly against your surface of choice. We recommend windows and mirrors but any COMPLETELY smooth, flat, shiny surface should work.

Lesson two - how to use a gekocase

Pressure, pressure, pressure

Reapply pressure every 2-3 minutes to ensure your phone stays in place. This is just a precaution.

dont forget to swipe right

Lesson three this way ↓

Making the most out of gekocase

You can attach your phone to the window and get the most flattering, beautiful, natural selfie light

Lesson three - making the most out of gekocase

Mix it up

You can switch your skin for different outfits or occasions or moods.

Lesson three - Tips & Tricks

Group photos

Impress your friends by taking the group photo with your phone attached to a surface.

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